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Well you don't have to necessarily wait for that next trip to India or wish you had an opportunity to shop in India if you have never been there! And what's more! If you are the type who cares for the environment and want to contribute to environmentally sustainable commerce, you are in the right blog!
Presenting "Made in India" products for a greener world!

Here are a few quality, handcrafted and handloom products from rural India mostly made from natural materials- cotton, silk, wood and coloured with vegetable/fruit based dyes.

When you buy these products you support fair trade and also help those rural artisans preserve those centuries of handed down traditions of handwork and skills. Not only do we help them generate income, but also sustain these traditions of handwork that's really part of their culture.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Matka Silk Mini Kurta

Matka Silk Mini Kurta
Understated elegance and chic style define this classy matka silk kurta. The no-fuss silhouette is tailored from highly prized mulberry silk, known in Eastern India as matka silk. The handspinning and handweaving creates a highly textural fabric which has a comfortable drape and is highly wrinkle resistant. There are endless ways to mix and match the top for a personalized look you will want to wear again and again for many special occasions. 100% Handspun Matka Silk Rounded Neckline with Slit Long Sleeves Dry Clean Fabindia Exclusive
NOTE- Dupatta and Salwar pants in the picture are for display only
Available in these colours:

Size- Small and Large

Gold- Size Medium

General sizing information for women. All measurements shown are in inches.

What is Matka Silk?
Handspun natural dyed organic silk fabric.

The traditional process of silk production requires the killing of hundreds of thousands of silk moths in their pupae stage by heating and boiling. Silk can also be made in non-violent way.

Unlike the conventional method where pupae are killed before reeling yarn from the cocoons, in the production of non violent silk the adult moths are allowed to emerge alive from the cocoons and then the silk yarn is spun from the open-ended Tassar cocoons and from pierced tassar and muga cocoons that have been used in breeding cycles.

Matka silk is 100% silk linen sometimes wherein the yarn in the warp is the usual silk yarn, while the yarn is obtained from short ends of silk from Mulberry silkworms (Bombyx Mori) and spun by hand without removing the gum (sericin). The dyeing and weaving processes provide a beautiful and subtle variation of color throughout. Like all silks, some irregularities and slubbing can be found due to the hand-processinggiving the fabric a unique character. It looks like linen, but it is highly wrinkle resistant, cool and comfortable.
Matka silk keeps the body cool in summer and warm in winter and is available in a range of colors.

Eco-Friendly? All of the dyes and bleaching processes are 100% lead and azo-free. Silks are also renewable and do not rely on the heavy use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Care: Probably better to dry clean unless you can live with a a lot of shrinkage from hand-washing.

RM 175.00

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